Welcome to yeehaw homies!

This server is HIGHLY recommended for US-East.
Friendly Fire is not on, please do not ask the staff for it to be turned on.

-Don't be extremely toxic, being annoyed is okay.
-No racism. This does NOT just include using the N-Word.
-No cheats like aimbot or wallhack.
-No betrayal of your teammates. (This includes closing doors on teammates.)
-No Crossteaming (Scientist and D-Class are allowed, Chaos and SCP's are allowed if the SCP doesn't kill D-Class)
-No micspamming on intercom, dead chat, or radios.
-No KOS (Kill on sight)
-DO NOT disrespect staff members, the punishments will be severe!

More Information
Please do not ask for items from staff members.
You must be in the discord server and have been playing on this server for atleast 3 days to apply for staff.
Don't complain about the server lag, your the one who joined the server.

Discord Link: Idiotic Gamer's Dungeon (Clickable}