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Unknown Republic, this is an server where we will be playing very very, normal rounds, and having fun messing around too!

1. No hate speech, harassment, racism, verbal abuse, or ANY racial or derogatory terms. Discussion of sensitive topics must remain peaceful.

2: No griefing within the bounds of the game (for example attacking SCPs with Tesla as 079 or spawnkilling teammates). Enemy killing and spawnkilling is allowed however.

3. No abusing the server to create exploits, glitches, lag out the server, or in any way give yourself or others unfair advantages or disadvantages

4. No mic spam or ear rape in global comms, local comms are allowed up until they reach the point of harassment

5. No self advertisement (unless its one of the discords in the server)

6. No suicide as an SCP (running into a group of people and suicide when round ends is allowed)

7. extreme explicit content is not allowed in any form, excessively NSFW conversations, sound effects, soundboards, or through any other medium is entirely banned.

8. Threatening anyone, whether they be staff members, players, or any other member of the server, is not allowed. This includes threats of doxing and DDoS attacks as well as physical threats of harm, violence or harassment. Carrying out any of these threats will result in an instant perma-ban, no questions asked.

9. being a jerk to anyone because of their age/gender/identity will not be tolerated and is punishable by 3 day ban

10. must follow RP if active

11. Mod bans are final (Appeals for kicks are located within the discord server, do NOT spam admins or moderators for unbans.) For any further questions or problems, contact an Administrator)