1. Cheats and exploits are strictly prohibited.
2. Racist, Homophobic, and other offensive language is not permitted.
3. Team sabotage as MTF/Chaos/SCPs is not allowed.
4. Being toxic and harassing other users is strictly prohibited.
5. Repeatedly leaving or suiciding to avoid playing as a role that you don't want to play as is prohibited.
6. Killing detained players is prohibited. However, you are allowed to KOS. If the detained player is uncooperative, you can kill them. Please refrain from un-detaining players solely to eliminate them, and avoid releasing players who are on the verge of escaping.

DISCLAIMER: You may or may not experience admin abuse. Moderators on the server can change your role, give you items, etc. They can use certain commands to make your experience random and unique to you.

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