<align=center>Hell's Gate Deathmatch Server!

[Hell's Gate Discord:] →Click Here←
1) Absolutely NO exploiting/cheating of any kind, we play fairly here!

2) No derogatory speech, this means racism, homophobia, transphobia and alike!

3) No camping in an area for more than 2 minutes, we encourage people to try and be moving!

4) No harassment and no getting really toxic please!
Important things to know:
1) Everyone spawns with a coin, which can be turned into an item like so: Rough-SCP1853, Coarse-SCP207,1:1-Weapon token which will give you a random weapon if thrown into HCZ armory pit, Fine-Combat Armor, Very Fine-SCP2176

2) We have a medbay in the server! It is housed in the booth at entrance zone checkpoint and is accessible through a teleport in the Dr's offices in entrance zone! It contains 3 adrenalines and 6 medkits!

3) Light containment will decontaminate after 5 minutes! Surface zone unlocks after 7.5 minutes and auto nuke turns on after 10, giving you a remaining 120 seconds to get out before everyone is forced onto surface!

4) Remote keycard is enabled so you may hold your weapons whilst opening a door

5) We have custom map design on surface and custom item spawns!

6) You can use the Micro HID to heal yourself! it fills AHP when your HP is full but runs out of battery fast and recharges slowly!

7) Loot lockers will no longer contain pesky and stupid useless items! They will only contain scientist/zone manager cards, adrenalines, painkillers, flashbangs and grenades.

8) How can you fight when you can't even see each other? Good thing for you; we upped the brightness of the lighting in the facility by 25%!
My Discord Tag: Peach#4865