The Holy Land

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Cool Stuff To Know

- UK Hosted Server!
- AFK Kick (2min).
- Grenade Damage Reduced For SCP's.
- Join Our Discord To Get A Cool Discord Member Badge.
- Escaping 106's Dimension Will Send You To A Random Part Of The Facility.
- Friendly Fire Is Disabled.


1) Please do not use soundboards to spam spectator chat, SCP chat or over the radio. They are fine but please respect peoples wishes if they do ask you to stop. This will lead to bans if ignored.

2) Please do not team kill! Friendly fire is disabled. But below still applies.
(079 killing fellow SCPs)

3) MTF & Facility Guards can team with: D class (disarmed) and scientists.
Chaos Insurgency can team with: D class, Scientists (disarmed) and SCP's.
- MTF and Chaos can not team.
- SCP's and D Class can not team.

(Please do not ask others players in different classes to kill someone that you are in the same class as)

4) Racism/Homophobia of any kind will not be acceptable and will see you banned.

5) Hacking/exploiting of any kind will get you banned from our server forever.


Please favourite the server. <3