Contacts: (Server Owner) Reconal#0001 | [email protected]
Discord Server: (Coming Soon, being worked on, if you need to contact me, use the email above.)
Kettu's SCP Facility Server Info
Server Rules
[0] Use your common sense. Please.
[1] Please be respectful to others. Don't use offensive, hurtful or attacking language, including your name PFP and or memes. Regular foul language is allowed if not used to insult others.
[2] Teaming is prohibited. Do not work with opposing teams. The only exception to this is Class-D and Scientists.
[3] Mass Team Killing is NEVER allowed. 3+ Teamkills will equal Mass TK which is bannable.
[4] Do not kill disarmed Class-D. This includes someone that is actively being disarmed.
[5] Delaying the round will get you slain or kicked if you continue. (Sitting in a room, purposely avoiding or repeatedly stopping the nuke)
[6] No ear-rape or mic spam; Regular music is fine, but if Staff says to stop, stop.
[7] Exploits are forbidden and you will be banned if you use them.

*AdminTools Gives staff some extra commands, such as "jail", etc.
*CommonUtils Allows 049 to speak & some other custom features.
*UltimateAFK Detects AFK players and sets them to spectator while replacing them with a already spectating player if you're lucky.