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Discord rules also apply to the SCP:SL server!
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+1. Chaos and MTF cannot kill on sight / random kill scientists or D-class. Surrendered personal can be cuffed, but it is not required. They just need to remember they are obligated to stay with their cuff holders, and cannot turn on them unless they are successfully separated from their cuff holders with the help of the cuffed person's team. Kill on sight is only authorized if an unsurrendered D-class / scientist is holding something lethal, like a gun.

+2. Teaming of any sort is not allowed, unless it is for mutual benefit. For example, an SCP and a D-class may be stuck in a room, and they won't kill each other to let each other out. But after that interaction they are again enemies. Deals are however not required to be kept, so once you open that door, the SCP can kill you and escape the room. Chaos and SCPs may team however as they can win together.

+3. This rule regards mic usage. Mic spamming anything will not be allowed in spectator chat, SCP chat, or intercom chat. Mic spamming stuff like music in proximity chat is allowed, but you may be asked to stop by a staff member. Spamming nonsensical noises in proximity chat is also allowed but not advised, and you may be asked to stop by a staff member.

+4. Suiciding or leaving the game to avoid a certain class is not allowed.

+5. Ghosting the server is not allowed. This includes but isn't limited to admins using the RA to gather info for themselves and their team, sharing game info via discord call, etc.

+6. Use common sense.

+7. Even if a rule isn't listed here, you are obligated to listen to any SCP:SL staff member. This however does not mean every staff member is correct, If you believe a staff member is being unreasonable, please inform a higher ranking SCP:SL staff member.