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A City RP is a specific RP where you act as though you are in a "city" in light containment zone and sometimes heavy containment zone (depends on the RP). We also do regular RPs and normal rounds, though the server is centered around the idea of a City RP.

1. Cheating is an immediate permanent ban from the server
2. Mic spam is allowed but only sounds, this includes no music or earrape (keep sounds shorter than 5 seconds)
3. No racism, harassment, hate speech EVER
4. Follow the directions of you superiors (please)
5. Follow the rules of Fear RP, pretend you are the character
6. No advertising, FOR ANY REASON
7. ERP will not be tolerated, please enter the server with some maturity
8. Staff have the final say, even if something you do doesn't break a rule directly, if it is bad enough its up to staff