Chaos </color>NonRP

Discord click*

<size=13> 1. No sabotaging any of your teammates ( does not apply on Class D prisoners ) which includes :

a) team killing
2) stealing items
c) committing suicide as an SCP

2) No spreading any form of hatred.

3) You musn't be unfair to other players, which includes :

a) Spawn Killing
b) using cheats or game bugs
c) killing handcuffed people (doesn't apply to SCP's)
d) teaming with other teams <color=#a3e650>(the alliance table click*)

4) Binds are forbidden
5) No promoting other servers
6) No impersonating any player or Administration
7) Racism / sexism / communism etc. are forbidden!
8) Your nickname has to be readable
9) Only English language can be used on this server ( ONLY ENGLISH)
10) The administration has the right to punish players for things not included in the rules, if they consider it necessary or a given situation will violate VSR (Verificated Server Rules).