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<size=25>The Founders Site: General Server Rules</size=35>
1. Be respectful of other players. Do NOT use offensive, hurtful, derogatory or attacking language, including but not limited to IRL names or memes. Foul language is permitted so long as no one becomes offended.
2. Team Killing is strictly prohibited, except under the following circumstances:
- Team Griefing: Stealing Items, purposely jeopardizing your life or the lives of your teammates. (Within 30 Seconds)
- Team Member closes 4 or more doors on Team Members (Within 30 Seconds)
- One Team Member Kills another (Within 30 Seconds)
- Someone Kills your Detained Person(s) (Within 30 Seconds)
- The other party gives verbal consent
- Cross Fire
- Self Defense
3. Mass Team Killing is NEVER permitted under ANY circumstances. Mass Team Killing is when a player kills 4 or more Team Members. This violation is a bannable offense.
4. There is no room in this server for Racism, Sexism, Vulgar Language or any derogatory comments to any person.
5. Threatening the server with DDoS, Doxing or hacking will result in immediate termination and expulsion from the server. You will be banned.
6. No Ear Rape. Meaning no playing super loud music over the mic system. This includes pre-game, end-game, SCP, radio or spectator. Low volume music is permitted within reason.
7. Do not ask any member of staff to change your class or give you items.
8. Teaming is allowed for survival purposes, however, MTF and Guards are NOT allowed to team with SCPs or Chaos Insurgency.
9. Purposely delaying a round (staying in one spot for more then 2 minutes, repeatedly stopping nuke etc) is not permitted. This can land you a quick termination in game.
10. Stream sniping or using any 3rd party software to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Violations can land you a ban.
11. Do not leave the game or suicide yourself as an SCP even if you do not wish to play as one.
12. Filing false reports on another player will result in a warning then a ban.
13. Do not spawn camp for more then 1 minute.
14. Do NOT breach Steam's TOS.
15. Staff has discretionary authority on all rules and punishments, depending on the circumstances.
<size=20>For support or further information, please join our discord and contact SCP:SL Staff</size=20>