[CA/US East] The Guildhouse

You can join our Discord Server at discord.gg/TdYbQe3mdS

Code of Conduct
1. Use common sense
2. Respect and be kind to others
3. Enjoy your stay!

Server Rules
1. Teaming with SCP's as an MTF/Facility Guard is allowed. However, only *you* can team with them.
1a. Class D's/Scientists can also team with SCP's.
1b. Chaos Insurgency has the *option* of teaming with SCP's or not.
1c. Chaos Insurgency & MTF/Facility Guard are allowed to team with each other to go against the SCP's. (This also applies for Class D's/Scientists)

2. Killing detained Class D's is not allowed and will result in a kick or ban.
2a. You can kill undetained Class D's, though we encourage everyone to detain and let them escape.

3. Closing doors on others is allowed. However, it could affect how others see you and they might attempt to target you.

4. Mic spamming is allowed. We're fairly lenient on this so please don't abuse or bend this specific rule.
4a. If others are asking you to stop, be considerate and stop for a bit. (or try out a different sound/music!)
4b. Earraping can lead to a kick or mute!
4c. This rule doesn't apply for Radio & Spectator.

5. Treat others with respect. We don't tolerate racism and/or harassment in our server. (We all just want to play the same game after all!)

Additional Information
1. If you are new to the game, feel free to ask some players or staff! (or click F1 for more information on your class)

2. Be respectful towards a staff member.
<size=15>2a. If you encounter a staff member abusing their power, record it and send a report on our Discord Server.