Welcome to Exodus Empires!
We're a small SCP server who has many unique plugins to ensure that no round is like the other! We've got several custom classes, Plugins and events to ensure that it's not a repetitive SCP:SL Experience.


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Server Rules
1) No teamkilling other players on your team no matter the circumstance
2) KOS is NOT permitted unless the person is ignoring orders.
3) You cannot kill anyone who is disarmed unless they're ignoring orders
4) Users are not allowed to prolong rounds
5) Hate Speech is strictly not allowed (The use of racism, Homophobia and hate speech is strictly not allowed and will result in a long ban duration)
6) Micspam and ear rape is not allowed
7) Hacking or using exploits is not allowed and may result in a global game ban
8) Teaming with SCP'S is allowed as long as it doesn't get teammates killed
9) Serpents hand must kill everyone apart from SCP'S

Server Features
1) Custom subclasses including
- SCP-999
- NTF Brute
- NTF Medic
- 05 Council member
- SCP 682
- Chaos Necromancer
2) The gulag
3) SCP-575
4) SCP 008
5) SCP Stat tracking
6) Pets
7) Respawn Timer
8) Scanner
9) Serpents Hand
How to report
In game
Press "n" then press the warning symbol next to their name then write in detail the reason why you're reporting the player. Then from there be sure to press "Report to server"
On Discord
Copy the format from the reports format channel then fill it out and put it into the reports channel ensuring to mention the staff tag.

Please ensure that your screenshot evidence is clear, Video evidence is preferred as staff get more of a background of the event.

Have fun playing on the server!