<smallcaps>All The Time Gaming SCP</smallcaps>

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- you may make deals for your life long as they are short term (non-CD teaming is otherwise not allowed)
- Racial or Homophobic slurs = 3 day ban.
- Intentional griefing can result in a ban.
- Micspam = mute.
- Do not camp nuke unless preventing deactivation as an SCP.
- Do not hide for extended periods of time to hold up the round.


[Q] Can we kill Class-D/Scientists on sight?
[A] Yes, KoS is allowed.

[Q] Can I make deals with SCPs for my life or is that teaming?
[A] SCPs may make deals for your life (E.G. to open a door for them) as long as it is not griefing or holding up the round.</b></u>

[Q] What is considered micspam??
[A] Music/Loud noises or excessive soundboards on Intercom, NTF Radio, SCP chat or Spectator chat

[Q] What plugins/changes does this server have?
[A] You can find our settings and plugin list on our discord

[Q] Can I report rule breakers myself?
[A] Yes, click on the ! icon in the N key menu, type a reason then click report for rule breaking.

[Q] I've been muted for more than a day, how do I get unmuted?
[A] Drop into our discord and ask to be unmuted, most likely a staff member will be happy to do so.

[Q] What do you consider "Intentional griefing"
[A] Closing doors on fellow NTF/Chaos without reason, 914 selection spamming, killing SCPs as 079 (closing doors on team mates in order to escape an SCP is acceptable and not punished)


Report Admin abuse in the admin abuse channel in our discord or directly DM an Ethics committee member here:

- AllTheTimeGaming#2489
- Michealwave#0001
- Handomando#6731
- Titanian#9069
- bram#1337
- Purriku#9860