<color=#FF8C00>The Soup Kitchen Server 2 [FF-ON]

Invite: discord.gg/KzdPSR9 Click to join our Discord!

If you happened to get kicked after a round restart just rejoin. This is a known problem and we are looking into it. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.


-Friendly Fire is ON
-Only TK if in self defense or a player is actively trying to hinder your teams mission. You are only allowed to kill a certain amount of friendlies before you will be auto kicked from the server. Intentional TKing (IE: throwing a grenade in a elevator, Shooting in spawn may result in a ban)
-SCPs can not side with any faction. They can work temporarily together if a SCP is locked in a room. Chaos and SCPs have to kill each other for the round to end.
-Detaining Scientists and D-Class personnel is recommended but not required. Chaos now have detainers to encourage detaining scientists.
-Do not kill detained personnel of any faction. This will result in a warning then a ban.
-No excessive mic Spamming.
-Do not camp on surface or intentionally hold the game up.

Every class should stick to what their mission is:

-Facility Guards: Escort scientists to surface, neutralize or detain D-class, and eliminate SCPs
-MTF: Escort scientists to surface, neutralize or detain D-class, and eliminate SCPs
-Chaos: Escort D-Class to surface, neutralize or detain Scientists, and eliminate SCPs
-D-Class: Escape
-Scientists: Escape
-SCPs: Eliminate all Humans

If it appears you are not actively engaging in your classes mission, measures may be taken to end the round sooner.


-SCP-035: Adds a passive SCP to the game. A certain amount of items will randomly be selected to be SCP-035. If a player picks up the item that SCP-035 is disguised as, the player will be killed and a random spectator will be assigned their possessed body. This player will be able to kill their own class, bypassing friendly fire rules. They will also deal corrosive damage when in a set range of another player. Once SCP-035 dies, he will return to disguising into items until his next victim picks him up. Watch out for objects that look out of place (IE an O5 keycard in an armory, a janitor card on a dead guard’s body).

-SCP-575: Basically causes random black outs in Light/Heavy containment. Random change of happening. All players have a 50% chance of starting with a flashlight. This also encourages usage of NV scopes and flashlights on weapons.

-Better939: SCP-939 size has been reduced by 25%, it's faster than humans and will get slowed down after hurting someone. In return, its attack will be boosted based on the damage taken. The adrenaline bar will show how much angry it is.

-Common-utils: adds several features (custom loadouts, autonuke, MOTD, and a few others)

-DC replace: replaces people that disconnected with a spectator.

-SCPswap: SCPs can type .scpswap [scpnumberhere] within 2 minutes from the beginning of the round to request to swap with whatever player is playing the specified role. If that player accepts, your roles will be swapped. Hit ~ then follow this example. Examples: .scpswap 173, .scpswap peanut

-SCPvChaos: Chaos/SCPs must kill each other for the game to end.

- Ultimate AFK: kicks AFK players after 3 minutes and replaces them with a spectator.

- TK Limit: Limits the amount of TK that can happen before a player is kicked

Contact any 05 or NTF personnel on discord for help.