1. Be respectful.
2. Harassment, Bullying, or Toxic Behavior will not be tolerated and will get you banned or kicked.
3. KOS is allowed, but try to be a decent person and escort people out.
4. No killing cuffed classes, Including uncuffing them with the intent to kill them.
5. No teaming with the enemy. *example: Scp's and MTF cannot team*
6. Racism and Racial slurs will result in punishment without a warning.
7. Mic spamming or intercom spamming is tolerated to an extent. *Not in spectator or scp chat*
8. Don’t camp. Standing in the same area for more than 4 minutes is considered camping.
9. Purposefully Delaying the round is not allowed.
10. Cheating/Exploiting/Hacking is not allowed.
11. If you are AFK you will be force classed into a spectator or kicked.

Specific punishments for breaking these rules can be found on the Discord server.
*If no moderators are in-game use the Modmail or in-game report system and someone will be there shortly*

*Moderator Application: Click Here
*Discord: Click Here
*Ban Appeal: Click Here

Escape Parameters
- MTF can be cuffed and turned into Chaos
- Facility Guards can escape and become MTF Lieutenants
- Chaos can be cuffed and turned into MTF Lieutenants

Plugin List
- AdminTools
- AutoFFToggle
- Common_Utilities
- CustomEscape
- DCReplace
- DiscordIntegration
- Kill Command
- Lights
- Lone079
- MapControl
- RemoteKeycard
- RespawnTimer
- SCP008
- SCP1162
- SCPStats
- SCPSwap
- ScpUtilis
- Stalky106
- ThrowItems
- UltimateAFK

est. April 4th 2018