Deadtech Server Network SCP: SL Server Info

Contact us here: CLICKABLE >> DISCORD <<

If that doesn't work here's the code https://discord.gg/h9SgkJ3

1. Have fun!
2. No team killing
3. Do not kill DISARMED/COOPERATIVE scientists or D-class.*
4. Be respectful. We don't have a problem with cursing, but be respectful and don't use slurs.
5. Obey the instructions of server staff.
6. Mild trolling is fine, but don't target someone to the point where they leave the server.
7. Hacking/exploits are punishable by an immediate permanent ban.
8. Do not do things to purposely prolong the round.
9. Do not game-throw. (SCPs, standing in Tesla gates or activating the warhead)

Mic Rules.
TLDR, don't be a nuisance. This server is fine with you playing loops and using mic tools as long as they are limited and adhere to the rules above. Do not play ear rape or other very loud sounds. Do not play music in voice chat, but it is ok (within reason) over the intercom. Even if what you are doing does not explicitly violate what is listed above if a majority of players on the server are complaining/telling you to stop, or if a staff member tells you to, stop doing what you are doing.

Teaming guidance.
These are not a set of steadfast rules and instead a sort of guideline. Different roles can team up if it is mutually beneficial for them to do so (I.E. to escape a locked room, a SCP may chose not to kill a human) but after the mutual benefit has passed they should resume their normal relationship by either killing each-other or going their separate ways.

This server operates on a three strikes system. If you break the rules it will go Kick, 5 day ban, permanent ban.
If you believe that you have been wrongly banned you can appeal the decision on our discord.

*What this means is that as Facility Guard/MTF you should act like a somewhat trained military force. Attempt to de-escalate and disarm. If the subject will not cooperate, runs, pulls a gun, or attempts to bring harm to the team then fire away. Un-cuffing a subject with the intent to kill them is not permitted.