<align="center">SCP Foundation of VR Chat
<align="center"> Server Location: Missouri Central)

<align="center"> Slot Count: 45
<align="center"> 914 Mode: DroppedAndHeld
<align="center"> Server Restarts: Every 5 Rounds
<align="center"> This server is managed by Miya's Kitchen - contact XoMiya#6113 ([email protected]) for any inquiries.

「SCP Foundation of VR Chat Discord」

<align="center">This server uses SCP Stats to sync roles between the community discord and the server. If you are missing your role visit the SL channel in the discord for more information.

0. Steam Guidelines must be followed. In addition any activity that violates SCP: SL rules will all result in a ban. Anyone under the age of 13 will be banned. No appeals

1. Always follow staff directions.

2. No SCP:SL or Community Staff impersonation.

3. No cheating or exploiting, Cheating will result in a global ban from all SCP Secret Laboratory servers.

4. All Regular Rules from the SCP Foundation of VR Chat Should be followed

5. Guards cannot kill D-class for no reason, they may kill them if they are refusing to follow orders, fleeing or any form of disobeying. Guards should only KOS if a scientist has escaped or equivalent.

6. No team sabotage teaming, team killing, or cross teaming. Do not kill friendlies as SCPs or cause death of teamates as human classes. Chaos cannot team with SCPs once Serpents Hand have spawned. D Class are allowed to kill eachother. Aside from this Teamkill is not allowed.

7. No disrespecting any staff members of the server. And do not persist on asking for staff perms/RA password and roles.

8. No overly loud SFX/Noises on intercom, spectator chat and radio/scp chat.

9. No abusing or misusing any of the features in game including but not limited to the report function and the afk system.

10. No Loopholes. Staff Reserve the right to punish things that may no be explicitly stated in the rules based around them.
<align="center">「Contacts & Credits」
Please contact O5 on the SCP Foundation of VR Chat Discord for more information regarding this server.
<color=#ffa6fe>Server Manager's Steam: