Welcome to Errors_Basement

https://discord.gg/7MDJG4EDKd(CLICK ME)

Our Rules:

This server uses, what is known as, Jester's privilege. Meaning all rules can be broken as long as it is comedic to both parties of the act.

1. Use common sense.
1A. For example, "Oh, I didn't know about _____" will NOT lessen your punishment or get you out of your punishment.
2. No racist/derogatory remarks(this is required by Northwood if I go against this the server will be removed)
2A. This rule can be broken under Jester's privilege. For example, the n-word is allowed as long as it is NOT used for derogatory/hateful purposes.
3. No mic-spam or earrape.
3A. Soundboards are permitted as long as they are NOT used in the Spectator's channel.
4. No cheating/hacking/glitch abuse.
5. Guards and MTF are not allowed to KOS D-Class, if they are not following directions then you may put them down.
5A. Killing any detained individual without reason is against the rules.
6. No team-killing.
6A. Team-killing is permitted as long as it is for COMEDIC purposes (Jester's privilege).
7. No meta-gaming (on a call telling a friend what to do or where someone is)
7A. You can be on call but please mute during the round unless you are both dead.
8. Staff have the final say.
8A. Be respectful, as arguing with staff about disciplinary action taken will NOT remove your punishment.
9. ALL rules can be broken under the "jester's privilege" but if you are continually ruining people's time you will be punished.

Please report all suspicious activity in the Discord posted above