Laboratory of Lunatics

You can join our discord with the invite:


1. We DO NOT tolerate Exploit Abusers on our server.
1.1 If you find a game breaking bug that gives you an unfair advantage tell the development team over at SCP:SL's official discord.

2. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind, whether that be racism, sexism, and any homophobia.
2.1 Friendly and consensual discussion is allowed and encouraged - Stop discussion when requested if it becomes offensive.

3. Please do not mic spam, mic spamming can get you muted, your intercom permissions taken away.
3.1 Mic spamming counts as Spectator chat, radio, and intercom.
3.2 Playing an audio down the mic when you're in proximity voice that is okay, as long as it isn't so loud that you can't hear

4. We do not want teamers on the server.
4.1 Examples of teaming is MTF + Chaos and Chaos + SCPs vice versa.
4.2 If both teams have something to gain from teaming they are allowed to do so. This will include MTF/Chaos + SCP VS Chaos/MTF and
others. After the one action you were both attempting to achieve you must go back to fighting.