Welcome to SCP Facility

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We are one of the oldest still running servers in the UK and we aim to allow our players to have as much fun as possible with as few rules as possible. We also don't just host SCP, we host events for many other games with our community that you can find in our Discord

In Game Rules

Teamkilling - Only Suicide and Mutually-Agreed Killings are allowed. (15m -> 1d -> Perm)
Racism/Homophobia - Big No-No (1d -> Perm)
Hacking - Explains itself doesn't it (Perm)
- This rule is very situational dependent, so this is simply suggestions for what you *could* be temp-booted for.
- Locking teammates in rooms on purpose
- Consistently teaming with enemies to kill teammates
- Cancer Mic-Spam (If you are unsure, as a Staff Member)
- Harassing other players in-game

If you have an issue or wish to discuss something with a staff member, please join the Discord (Above Link) and contact us or use our email: [email protected]