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1. No use of slurs or offensive terms are permitted, if you use these terms you will be server muted.
2. Hate speech is not permitted, if you use hate-speech in any way you will be server muted.
3. Do not make sexual comments about minors. This will result in instant mute as well as report to NorthWood.
4. Do not sexualize anyone on the server.
5. Please be respectful of peoples pronouns/identity.
6. Do not make rape jokes/comments.
7. Cross-teaming is allowed as long as its not frequent among a specific party of players.
8. If you have any concerns about admin abuse contact a head-admin or owner via the discord server.
9. Do not frequently ask staff for items/spawns/event rounds/etc.
10. Do not kill a detained D-Class, OR one who is openly complying with guards or MTF. Chaos however can KOS scientists on sight.
11. Killing a detained D-Class while they are actively working with MTF, will result in you being put back into spectator or overwatch
12. Do not KOS (Kill on sight) D-Class, this rule is void if D-Class is holding weaponry or has killed MTF in previous spawn waves.
13. Scientists are allowed to kill D-Class early on in the round (Up to first MTF Spawn or once D-Class get to the point where they can
comply with guards/mtf).
14. If you frequently mic spam you will be server muted.
15. MTF are allowed to work with Chaos if both parties agree.
16. No team sabotage. This includes things like, uncuffing people right before exit, closing doors on teammates, and others.
17. Don't make things political, more often than not it gets heated.