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Server Rules
— Moderation
- Due to moderation limitations, English is the only language permitted on our server.
- Moderators are allowed to apply any punishment they see fit to a given situation.
- Appeals must be submitted on our Discord server.

— User Respect
- Don't be a jerk.
- Slurs of any kind, including racial and homophobic slurs, are not allowed and will be punished accordingly.
- No racial activity, hate speech, or harassment toward fellow server members will be permitted.

— Microphone Spam
- Earrape outside of proximity voice chat is not allowed.
- You may not play music over the intercom during a match. Music may be played in the spectator lobby, but must be stopped if anyone requests so.

— Team Killing
- Intentional Team Killing is not allowed in any case.
- Class-D <> Class-D combat is allowed.
- Intentional team killing (especially mass teamkill) will result in immediate punishment.
- If you are being teamkilled, do not shoot back. We will be unable to determine who shot first.

Server Modifications
AdminTools - Administration plugin.
DiscordIntegration - Discord bot.
DiscordLogs - Logging for staff team.
RespawnTimer - Shows the amount of time before a respawn wave.
RoundReports - Publish a detailed summary at the conclusion of a round.
SCPStats - SCP Stat recording plugin.
ScpSwap - Swap out which SCP you are for another one at the start of the round.
WaitAndChillReborn - Prior to the start of the round, spawn in a random room as tutorial and vibe.