Hello! And welcome to The Galaxy!
Here we attempt to make a fun experience for everyone with stricter rules yet laid back moderation. There are exceptions, though.
Our Discord! (clickable)

Our rules:
1. Use common sense. I know, it sounds dumb. But i'm serious.
2. Team sabotage is not allowed. (Closing doors on teammates. Shocking other SCPs as 079. Locking teammates without gate cards on surface. Locking other SCPs in unopenable rooms as 079)
2a. As 079, you are REQUIRED to help your teammates in situations where they could benefit from your help, whether you give barely any effort or are the best 079 on planet earth. Failure to do your job as 079 can lead to MINOR punishment.
3. Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Slurs, etc are NOT allowed WHATSOEVER. Violating this rule will lead to a permanent ban from our server and our partner servers.
4. Stealing other's items in 914. Seriously, it's not funny.
5. Throwing grenades in elevators. Again, seriously isn't funny.
6. Impersonating staff and/or other prominent figures in our community is NOT ALLOWED.
7. Minimodding is not allowed. While yes, we encourage our members to make our rules known. It is not allowed whatsoever to boss people around regarding our rules.
8. KOS IS allowed. But you are not allowed to KOS: Obedient Class-D. Cuffed personnel (MTF, Scientists, CI, CD)
9. Disrespect, whether to staff or other players, is not allowed.
10. Our staff have the FINAL SAY with punishments, there will be no negotiations regarding your punishment.
10a. If you believe your punishment was unjust, you can contact a Junior Administrator+ regarding your punishment, but false reports will be handled accordingly.

Our Current Moderation Team:
Vortexia - Owner
dodgeplayer7707 - Head of Staff
z5tm - Asst. Head of Staff
velozii - Junior Administrator
inevitability - Junior Moderator
microwave - Trial Moderator
banana spaghetti - Trial Moderator
banana chicken - Trial Moderator

If you have any questions about our server or moderation, you can contact me on discord at foxtrotunitone