Mimir(cry) [VANILLA]
Despite the modded tag, our only "mod" is CedMod, which only adds more moderation features, which in turn helps us keep the server clean.

1. don't be a douche, because then the game is not fun. people play this game to relax not to be berated.
^ Yes, this does include door slamming and team killing (including telling a enemy faction where a teammate is just to get them killed)
2. don't hold up the round for a very long time without reason. this is hard to prove or explain, but sometimes it can be used tactically.
3. don't suicide as any SCP, even if you don't like playing as them. believe it or not, practice makes perfect.
4. killing a cuffed civilian is allowed, as long as they are not in the range of whoever cuffed them.
5. no slurs. thanks.

discord: HwAybFu57p (clickable) | email: [email protected] | phone: no lol