Join the public discord server if you would like to with this code: qMdMENTV

This server does not have that many rules, and it is mainly used for messing around with the Remote Admin system. The Server Owner is almost always on the server if anyone is playing, so feel free to join in that time period to have fun. I have a few rules that need to be stated first, however.

1. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SPREAD ANY SORT OF RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, ETC. Doing this and getting caught can result in a perm. ban.

2. You can say whatever you desire, as long as it is not harassing other players or users, especially the owner or administrators. Just don't be a shithead, basically.

3. Please do not use earrape on the intercom, even if it is just for memes, it isn't allowed because of what it could do to someone else. Music is allowed to be played, just not super loudly. If you do happen to play a very loud noise or song, etc. Anything that has to do with earrape, you will get a warning from the owner. If you yourself encounter someone attempting to break this rule, tell the owner or an administrator immediately. After 2 warnings from the owner, the third time will get you perm. banned.

4. Do not join this server if you do not have a microphone. It is extremely difficult to communicate, and if you join without a microphone the owner or any administrator will warn you about it if you were not aware.

5. Don't be a dick. Anything that has to do with making other players angry at you for a good reason, can get you a warning and then the 2nd time a ban. Overall, don't attempt to make other players mad on purpose unless it is allowed by the admins. Ask any admin or the owner if you do not want to get banned for something along these lines, and they will most likely allow it depending on how harsh it is.

Thank you for reading these rules, and overall just remember. HAVE FUN! Enjoy the Admin Time server.

Please contact me if you need to at Ender#7841 on discord.