The goal of this server is to give a laid back gaming experience on this SCP game.
We're "not serious" as in "wanting everyone to have fun", we don't mean "not serious" like we ignore our rules.

<color=#D25FFF>THE RULES

1.) You MUST be at least 13 years of age to play on this server.
⌚ Year ban, appealable.

2.) No derogatory slurs. There's many other servers for that, but not this one. Sorry.
⌚ Week ban, then Permanent ban. If you say it more than one time, we'll skip the day ban.

3.) No NSFW stuff. These rules apply to both the discord and ingame, so I have to word it like that. This includes bullet hole art.
⌚ Permanent ban

4.) Earrape, and other 'annoying' sounds are not allowed. Broadcasting music and sound effects is allowed..
But only in local chats (e.g. not intercom, SCP chat, radio, dead chat, or the gramophone). MTF Song is banned, because im TIRED of hearing it.
⌚ 1 Hour ban

5.) Team Grief is banned. This includes closing doors on SCPs as 079, or teaming with SCPs to kill your teammates. You should know better than that.
⌚ Week ban, then Permanent ban.

6.) Killing cuffed civilians (ClassD, Scientist) is not allowed.
⌚ 2 hour - 1 Week ban (situational). Final offense is permanent.

7.) Stalling is disallowed.
⌚ Permanent ban after a warn. No excuses for this one.

8.) Being annoying or irritable is disallowed. Feel free to record clips if you feel this ban is unjustified, as its pretty opinionated.
⌚ Whatever staff feel like. Most likely a mute.

9.) Don't use loopholes to break these rules.
⌚ ALSO whatever staff feel like. Its most likely based on the rule being loopholed itself.

Discord | CedMod | Appeals | email: [email protected]