This server holds events often. We'll announce them beforehand, and it won't interrupt mid-round.


a) Mic-spam on any global chats (as-in intercom, spectator, radio, SCP, and SCP-1576 chat) is not allowed.
b) Teaming to grief a teammate is not allowed. Teaming is allowed, though.
c) Racial or sexuality-based slurs are not allowed.
d) We suggest you are at least 15, but we only require you to be 13 to play. If we suspect you are underage, you will be banned.
e) Killing disarmed players is not allowed, unless they are not following your orders. KOS, however, is allowed. It's really up to you how you interact with other teams.

Discord Server (Roles, Giveaways, Events)
Mimir CedMod Instance (Appeals, Role Linking)
Contact Email: [email protected] (for mimir related inquiries only)