We're very laid back here. Just try not to cause too much trouble and we won't trouble you. Well, that's basically the rules. But you should still probably read the below for the ACTUAL rules.


1.) No using loopholes to team kill other players
- This doesn't include Blue Candy, Evil Candy or Red Candy.

2.) You must be at least 14 years of age to play this server
- If you are pulled into tutorial and asked your age, this is why.
(though we probably already know you're under 14)

3.) No derogatory slurs.
- This includes Racial and Sexuality based slurs.

4.) No mic-spam over any global chats.
- SCP Chats, SCP-1576, Intercom, Radio, Spectator

5.) No killing any cuffed civilians (ClassD, Scientist) unless they are CLEARLY not following orders.
- I know this rule is hard to enforce, but just a general guideline. It doesn't do any good for your team :0)

Any complaints about the staff team? Use the info below to contact me!

Discord | CedMod | Appeals | email: [email protected]