Welcome to The Plague House!

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Discord - https://discord.gg/eSU7gcBk87

- No Slurs
- Keep it casual, AKA don't tryhard (Explained more lower down)

Server Info:
This server is new player friendly and we try to keep it casual, have a fun time and engage with the community as we have lots of friendly faces.

Server Rounds:
- Normal
- Event
- Twists
(Learn more on the Discord!)

Have Fun!

Tryharding Rules

You may be asking... what classifies as tryharding? Well here is a list of what can classify as tryharding, and might get you a temporary (typically only a couple minutes) ban. More violations = longer time.

1. Camping within SCP-914: In this game, their is a HUGE advantage to just camping within 914 and upgrading yourself and items to become the personification of god with god's arsenal. Within this server, we urge you to try and spend below 2 minutes within 914 upgrading items, and not always try every game to get the best items possible (Many colas, FR-MG-0, Jailbird, Particle Disruptor, etc) The exception to this rule is hiding within 914 to survive from SCPs. Although, we encourage you not to roundstall or prolong the game. If you read this DM me the word "Stanley" and I will level you up in the server!

2. Roundstalling and Prolonging the game: There are 2 ways to violate this rule. Due to the grandscale of the map, there are multiple scenarios where SCPs can struggle finding the very few remaining people. With this is mind, it is not acceptable to camp within rooms when you are the last person left, or wait out 4-5 minutes for a spawnwave until deciding to move. We understand you may not have knowledge of if you are the last person, and in the future we might give a plugin to provide such. But if you know you are the last one, do not wait until the next spawn wave. You are allowed to hide for a period of time (such as a minute or less), but don't hide to wait out a spawnwave. The second way to violate this rule is to team with a person of an opposite class (Chaos with MTF, vis versa, Facility guard with Chaos, vis versa, or military with SCPs, and vis versa) causing the length of a round to be extended and prolonged. There is probably more ways... just try to use common sense.