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SCP: Secret Laboratory Server


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Ghavanine Server SCP:Secret Laboratory
Tavajo Dashte Bashid Ke In Ghavanin Baraye Hamas Va Estesna Ghael Nist

1.<color=#929292>Facility Guard Ha Nemitonan Class D Haro Bokoshan Va Bayad Say Konand Dastbandeshon Bezanan Va On Haro Az Facility Kharej Konan,Facility Guard Ha Dar Sorati Mitonand Class D Haro Bokoshan Ke Class D Moghavemat Kone Va Eghdam Be Jang Kone

2.Har Gone Fosh Va Bi Ehterami Mute Va Timeout Be Hamrah Darad

3.Gozashtane Soundpad Va Soundeffect Dar Radio/Spectator Chat Mamno Mibashad Va Mute Va Warn Be Hamrah Darad

4.Team Up Kardan Hengame Inke Jamiyate Server Balast Mamnoe Va Agar Dide Beshe Ban Va Kick Be Hamrah Darad

5.MTF Ha Va Chaos Insurgency Ham Manande Facility Guard Ha Bayad Talash Bar Dastgir Kardane Class D (Team MTF) Ha Va Scientist (Team Chaos Insurgency) Ha Bokonand

6.Gozashtane Soundpad Va Soundeffect Dar Intercom Azad Mibashad Va Moshkeli Nadarad

7.Bar Khalafe Facility Guard, MTF Va Chaos Insurgency, Scientist Ha Va Class D Ha Azad Hastand Ham Dige Ro Bokoshand Bedone Inke Talash Bar Dastgir Kardane On Yeki Dashte Bashand

8.Dar Sorate Active Bodan Va Nadashte Warn,Mute Va Timeout Be Shoma Rank Dade Khahad Shod

9.Team Up Scientist Ha Va Class D Ha Mojaz Ast</color>


<color=#ff00ffff>Welcome before you join please read the rules:

1-KOS is NOT ALLOWED FOR guards and MTF towards Class-D
2-No holding up the round.
3-Don't report people for false accusation's you will suffer the consequence of the thing you reported them for.
4-No Harassment of any kind this means no influencing people to harm themselves or just generally being a bad person towards someone.
5-No Racism or Homophobia or Perm ban (Any slurs at all are not tolerated this also includes music).
6-teaming is NOT allowed !!!
7-Don't impersonate staff.
8-We have a age restriction of 12 or higher anyone lower will get banned(if we have probable cause you are underage you will get banned.)
9-No mic spam that's annoying in spectator or in game.
10-No hacking.
11-If you wouldn't say it in court, then don't say it here! Common sense.
12-The most important rule is to have fun!
If you want to join the discord then link="https://discord.gg/eqTZz7Jf8q"<color=#800080ff>Click here!</link>