A server run by Squeakers
Besides just following the rules, you are expected to use your brain, so use common sense when playing the game.

If you get 1 warning, you will be fine, if you get two, you will be possibly muted, if you get 3 you will be kicked with a message saying what rules you broke, if you get 4 then you will be banned for an hour, 5 and you will be banned for a day, if you get 6 warnings you will be permanently banned.

Discord: Click here!


0. [HACKING/CHEATING] Do not under any circumstances hack or cheat

0.1. You may use exploits that are in the unmodified .exe file of the game

1. [MICSPAM] Do not micspam

1.1. no playing music in spectator chat, scp chat, round end, or round start

1.2. You can play music as 939 in "V" chat

1.3. Any other instance of micspam is ok

1.4. earrape is not allowed ever, this includes loud or high pitched noises, music or sounds on a sounboard.

2. [FRIENDLY FIRE] If Friendly Fire is on, obey the following rules

2.1. You may not team kill unprovoked

2.2. If someone says something along the lines of "You won't shoot me" you may kill them

2.3. Crossfire isn't punishable

2.4. If someone asks for death, shoots you first, or asks for a duel, teamkilling isn't punishable

3. [STAFF] Use common sense and obey the following

3.1. Do not ask for items

3.2. Do not asked to be spawned

3.3. Do not ask for staff (you may apply if you join the discord server)

3.4. There is no password to access the Remote Admin panel

3.5. If any two people with a badge are dueling then do not interfere or report them

3.6. Anyone with a hidden badge is trying to play the game normally, so do not bother them specifically because they are staff.

3.7. Do not target staff in any other way, staff exist to help the server thrive, not to be your personal plaything

4. [GRENADES IN ELEVATORS] Do not throw grenades in elevators unless only enemy teams are in the elevator

4.1. You may throw flashbangs into elevators

5. [BULLYING] Do not discriminate or bully anyone

5.1. Bullying children because of their voice is not allowed

5.2. Bullying people based on gender is not allowed

5.3. Racism is not allowed (Saying slurs is bannable)

5.4. Homophobia is not allowed (Saying slurs is bannable)

5.5. you may use "abelist" terms such as "retard"

6. [TEAMING] No teaming with disallowed teams

6.1. Class-D can team with Chaos, Scientists, and SCPs (Scientists and SCPs can still kill you. MTF can team with you if you are detained)

6.2. Scientists can team with MTF, and Class-D (Class-D can still kill you. Chaos can team if you are detained)

6.3. MTF can team with Scientists and Detained Class-D

6.4. Chaos can team with Class-D, SCPs, and detained Scientists (SCPs can still kill you)

6.5. SCPs can team with Class-D and Chaos (You can still kill them)

7. [KOS] You may not KoS Detained personnel

8. [CAMPING] Do not camp for more than 3 minutes at any given point. (On this server Camping counts as staying near a room where someone is when you do not have access to them.)