Welcome! We're just a chill SCP:SL server

We also worship the birdman

[Key Features]

914 Mode: Dropped and Held
Discord Integration
No Friendly Fire autoban

Have an issue or just want to join the community?
Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JJATg4F

A few rules:
1. Use common sense
2. Don't Mass TK (D-Class and Scientists can TK freely) (Revenge TK and Crossfire is allowed too as well as Round End TK)
3. No Mic Spam in SCP Global Chat and Spectator Chat (including intercom)
4. Don't intentionally hold up the round (ex. Hiding in a room all game)
5. MTF/Chaos are encouraged to disarm rather than kill on sight
6. SCPs and Chaos are allowed to team, D-Class and Scientists are allowed to team | No other teaming is allowed

We are pretty laid back with the rules as we want everyone to have fun, but if you start ruining someone's fun actively and consistently we will step in.
That's all!
Have Fun!