A lightly modded server that doesn't affect your gameplay.

Server Rules
1. No racism or sexism will be tolerated.
2. No team sabotage, this counts as cross-teaming, friendly fire, closing doors on teammates, suiciding as a zombie, turning off nuke when it would benefit your team, etc.
3. No stalling the game (intentionally).
4. No killing cuffed/obedient Class-D personnel.
5. Use common sense. Only speak English, follow steam TOS, don't abuse bugs.
6. You can advertise your social medias, but no advertising websites (e.g. your own website, sites such as banditcamp.com, etc.)
7. Micspam (music) is allowed only in proximity chat and the intercom. Earrape is never allowed.
8. Do not abuse the report system (fake reports, troll reports, etc.)

Server Modifications
HybridNetwork is a modded server based in Europe. It currently only contains Quality-Of-Life changes.

- RemoteKeycard: You do not need to take out your keycard to open doors.
- SCPSwap: You can use .scpswap in your console to trade your SCPs with someone else. It also shows your teammates.
- CustomSpawner: You can choose, at the beginning of the round, what class you want to spawn as.
- AutoNuke: The Alpha Warhead will be automatically detonated after 20mins. It cannot be turned off.
- MVP: The game will display some stats at the end of the round.
- SpectatorCount: The game will display who is spectating you.

You can join our </b>Discord server</b> by clicking </b>this link</b>.