Israel Facility
םיקידצ םיאבה םיכורב

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Welcome To Israel Facility Server, before you get in please read our rules:

Server Rules:

1. No cheating or hacking.
2. Don't be toxic. mild trolling is permitted.
3. Don't mess with the server staff.
4. No microphone spamming or earrape in (Pre Game), (End Game), (SCP Chat), (Radio), (Spectator Chat).
5. Do not TeamKill unless you have to.
6. Do not kill disarmed D class or Scientists.
7. If you want to report a player for a team kill or mic spamming join our discord server.
8. Do not ask the staff team to give permission/roles.
9. Do not ask Admins to abuse they're power.
10. Asking for Events is ok But, do not ask for it every round.
11. Talk only in Hebrew (שדוקה תפש) speaking in other language will get you kicked.


You can contact us in email or discord:
Email- [email protected]
Discord- Israel Facility Community