Welcome to Rolling Thunder Networks (https://discord.gg/krHhnmu)

Rolling Thunder Networks is a brand new server with a lot of features, a team that is committed to making enjoyable experiences and a server ran by the community.

Our team are dedicated to providing the best experience, but there is a few rules that is required in order to avoid having issues with other server members and moderators.

- No using the intercom to play music.
- Do not harass/cyber-bully other members in the server.
- Respect everyone's voice, regardless of age.
- Be respectful and cooperate with server staff.
- Have fun. We are dedicated to having fun here.
- Attempt to detain D-Class when possible. Do not SHOOT ON SITE.
- No SCP:SL or Server Staff Impersonation is allowed under any circumstances.
- Do not utilise SCP-079 to hinder gameplay of other SCPs, including attempting to kill them, entrap them or any other means.
- No racism of any kind, this will result in a perm ban.
- Camping at spawn to kill other teams is strictly not allowed.
- Do not advertise your social media connections.
- Teaming is not allowed between all teams except for Chaos and Class D's.
- Following SCP:SL policy, you cannot be under the age of 13. You will be perm banned if caught.
- Follow our appeal process for any in-game moderations, do not discuss them in open or argue with staff in-game causing chaos.

Rolling Thunder Networks has recently created an SCP:SL Server in the EU-CENTRAL region, whilst also having our recent expansion to the US-CENTRAL region. Our SCP:SL server isn't like anything else you'll come across. Our server is action packed with dedicated, professional and mature staff that are always on-hand with our advanced monitoring tools in-game and on our discord server. Our upmost priority is to give you the best experience.

Here's just an overview of some features we have to enhance gameplay.

-Patreon Support (with so many features, unlike regular servers)
-Advanced Monitoring Tools for our SCP:SL Team to ensure gameplay is safe and kept at a minimal risk.
-Powerful Servers to minimise lag and game disruption, regardless of your regional location.
-Our dedicated team pushes out regular updates for server plugins, SCP:SL related updates and improvements to gameplay on a weekly basis.

You can join our dedicated discord server over at https://discord.gg/krHhnmu

We look forward to play with you.