Welcome to Kings Funhouse, Please enjoy your stay

This is a <color="red">UK<color="white"> hosted server

<color="red">This is a modified server - go to the discord to see what plug ins are implemented (link at the bottom)<color="white">

<color="red">The rules for the server can be found here<color="white">

Rule 1 - No racism/homophobia of any kind will be tolerated
Rule 2 - No Team sabotage - Cross teaming is allowed however
- This counts as MTF/SCI getting another of their own faction killed
- SCP's leading others to 079s generators
- Mtf/SCI turning of 079s generators
Rule 3 - Don't harass other members of the server, there's a line where banta turns into harassment and if the person you are having "banta" with or a moderator tells you to stop - STOP
Rule 4 - Hacking and exploiting will lead you to being banned from the server and your account will be passed onto northword staff
Rule 5 - No mic spam, playing extremely loud noise in SCP chat, over the radio, intercom and in spectator chat

To join the discord server follow this link - <color="red">Kings Funhouse
To get our Patreon and get in game perks follow this link <color="red"><link=https://www.patreon.com/Kingsfunhouse/membership</link>