Welcome to dungeon of milk. Please check the rules below.

join our discord here: we host many events and talk about almost anything! (weird stuff can be posted in here)

1. No racism.
2. Don't be a complete asshole.
3. Listen to staff.
4. Mic spam all you want there is a mute system for a reason.
5. No hacking or exploits.
6. Good luck have fun.

Gameplay rules:

1. Guards/MTF must detain d-class unless they are disobeying orders or holding weapons.

2. Anyone can team with any class unless it is holding up the round.

3. Teamkilling is only enabled for events, if it is enabled in a legit round do not kill your teammates.

4. Don't spawnkill MTF or Chaos spawns.


106Stalk: 106 can teleport to a random person by double clicking the create portal button.

SCP 012: adds scp 012 to the game (it can kill scps)

WaitAndChillReborn: adds a nice lobby for you to hang out in.

SCPSwap: allows you too swap scps with other players using the In game console (example: .scpswap 079 .scpswap 096)

SCPUtils: all scps can communicate with humans by holding down V

RespawnTimer: shows you the mtf and chaos tickets and also a respawn timer.

More plugins may be added randomly.
When a new plugin is added it will be announced in discord.