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GatoBreach is a 24/7 server, with plugins that allow for 049 to speak, for people to hold their item in 914, and for nerfing the overkill powers of 096, as well as SCP-008, an infection spread by the zombies/049-2. Gameplay is meant to be similar to the base game, but with some extra tricks you can use to your advantage and extra roles to spice it up. From customized SCPs to classes to quality of life, we try to make the traditional SCP:SL experience more enjoyable.

Basic Server Guidelines
1. Cheats, Hacks, and Exploits are NOT permitted.
2. Do not be toxic to the point you must be punished
3. Do not throw the game in any sort of way.
4. Server staff should be respected.
5. Racism, sexism, transphobia, or otherwise offensive content should be kept to a minimum.
6. Any sort of threats towards one's identity are not permitted.
7. You may not mess with the voice chat, including no music, in pre-game, end-game, SCP, radio, or spectator chat.
8. Do not abuse the intercom.
9. Teaming with other teams IS permitted. HOWEVER, MTF can not team.
10. MTF & Chaos are encouraged to attempt to disarm Class-D and Scientists.

Disarmed players are not allowed to be killed by the team that disarmed them. Uncuffing someone with intent to kill them is a violation of rule 2, and is extremely toxic; you will face punishment.

CommonUtils:Adds some basic utilities
SCPUtils:Adds some basic utilities
SCP-008X:Adds SCP-008, an infection passed on by zombies
SCP-035:Random objects can be possessed by SCP-035. Pick it up and you become possessed by a spectator.
SCP-012:Adds a weapon manager tablet that acts as the SCP which was previously removed from the game. It can be found in the #012 containment chamber below.
SCP-Swap:Allows for two SCPS to switch SCPS
RemoteKeycards:Adds support for opening keycard doors without holding the card in your hand
Stalky106:Doubleclicking the portal button accesses a stalk ability, basically teleporting the player to a random player