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Rules: </b>

1. No racism, homophobia or discrimination.
<color=#ffbb00>2. Soundboards, micspam and music is not allowed on radios, SCP chat or the Lobby.
<color=#ffd000>3. Keep soundboards to a minimum, if someone asks you to quiet down, do so.
<color=#ffea00>4. No 079 team killing (tesla gates)
<color=#fffb00>5. No KOS D-Class unless they are dangerous, aren't following orders or if they are a gangster/mob boss. (Scientists can KOS D-Class). Cuffed D-Class should not be shot.
<color=#eaff00>6. SCP's can not team with MTF, scientists or D-class unless bargaining. When a Serpents Hand spawn wave happens Chaos and SCP's can no longer team.
<color=#d9ff00>7. Listen to staff at all times.
<color=#b3ff00>8. Do not create mass blood pools on admins or Serpents hand as an SCP.
<color=#b3ff00>9. Rules can always be updated, staff's say is final.

<color=#ff0000ff><B> Plugins And Features: <b>

- Stalky 106 (This allows 106 to teleport to a random player.)
- Stamina Changes(You gain stamina TWICE as fast as vanilla.)
- Tranquilizer(Silenced USP will knock players out.)
- Major Scientist(You have a 15% chance to spawn with a major scientist card as a scientist.)
- SCPSwap(You can swap SCP's with someone using .scpswap.)
- Pets (You can choose any entity in the game to follow you around.)
- Scp008X (Buffs zombies making them infect on damaging humans, slowly killing a human.)
- ScpStats (This gives you the discord rank ingame and also keeps track of some stats.)
- WaitAndChill (This replaces the black lobby screen and spawns players in a random locked room.)
- Better Sinkholes (Sinkholes in LCZ, going too far in will take you to the pocket dimension.)
- SCP-049 can talk to humans.
- Luckypills (Pills give a variety effects similar to candy, explode, through up grenades etc.)
- Respawn Timer (Shows when and what you will spawn as on the spectator screen.)
- 914 kills on rough.
- Remote Keycards (This allows you to open doors without the required keycard in your hand.)
- Commonutils (This helps us run the server.)
- Serpent's Hand (This can spawn Serpent's hand, their job is to work with the scps and kill everyone else.)
- AFK replacer (This will kill someone if they are afk for 45 secs, this allows someone to replace them.)
- 012 (Adds 012 to its respective room, going too close will kill you.)
- Hats (This adds hats that follow you around, you can access this through our patreon.)
- AdvancedSubClass (Allows us the create custom classes for roles!) <B>