Welcome to[UK]CptBreach

This is CaptainRav3n on Twitch's SCP:SL Server be sure to have fun and Read the Rules join our discord for extra benefits and hang out with our amazing community!!
Server Rules
1:Dont be Toxic I want people to enjoy playing here.
2:Scientist/D-Class dont KOS.
3:MTF Dont KOS D-Class.
4:Dont Mic Spam people dont want to be deaf.
5:No Racism/Discrimination or prejudice of any kind this will result in a swift ban!!
6:No teaming up only Chaos and SCPs may do so.

First offense is a warn unless its blatant Racism/Discrimination!
Second offense is a 24hour Ban!
Third offense is a Perma Ban!

Thank you for reading and enjoy your time here
If you want to join our Staff team join our discord!!
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