Welcome to the server. The discord link is https://discord.gg/XEVWJ9p

1. No cheating/glitching (eg. fly hacks, speed hacks, noclip hacks)

2. No admin abusing.

3. If you think that you aren't allowed to do something ask an admin or mod.

4. Don't be afraid to report anything to us. (Admin abuse, Cheating or anything else that is against the rules)

5. MTF Are not allowed to get a d-class out without cuffing him

6. Don't be a dick to admins/mods.
(If you do don't complain that you probably got trolled a bit)

7. Use common sense. (yes people didnt do that)
(User has requested to not be shown) - Owner
(User has requested to not be shown) - Co-Owner
Z For Zombie31 - The NUT
usedtofly06 - The Holy One
Credits (discord names)
Mr upside down peanut - Creating the server
crocs - Staff Applications