Discord: https://discord.gg/JmkXQX4

1. No mic spam or ear rape in spectator chat, intercom or radio.
2. No mass team killing.
3. No targeted team killing.
4. No verbally assaulting or targeting other players because of their race, age, gender, sexuality, or religion.
5. Hacking and using exploits are (obviously) not allowed in the server AT ALL.
6. Holding up rounds will result in being pulled to spectator.
7. You are not allowed to use words or phrases that are offensive to, or making fun of any group of people
8. Disrespect towards admins is not allowed
9. Admin impersonation is not allowed
10. You are not allowed to make threats towards the server or players.
11. No killing detained/disarmed d-class as MTF or guard or killing detained scientists as chaos or d-class
12. No camping alpha warhead room (surface or HCZ)
13. No discrimination in general.