Welcome to CoconutSCP!

Click<color="blue> HERE to join our discord server and see a list of our plugins!</color>
Here are some ground rules to get started
1. This is an English only server. Some of our staff can only speak English, and are unable to moderate any other language.
2. No bigoted speech of any kind! This includes, but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
3. Teams that obviously shouldn't team are not allowed to (Chaos and SCPS may team, but they don't have to.
4. No Mic SPAM. Playing soundboards are okay, but keep it tasteful and NOT LOUD
<color="red"> 5.
No cheating or doing anything that may give you or another member of the server an unfair advantage outside of standard play.
6. Do not purposely close doors on teammates. Accidents happen, but repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly
7. Do not kill yourself if you do not like your class
8.<color=orange> Respect staff. They have the final say.