1. No racism, homophobia, or hate speech towards any player. This is a zero toleration policy.
2. Respect staff's final decision.
3. No cheats allowed. This server abides by the anti-cheat policy of SCP:SL.
4. Teaming is allowed, however if only one member of a team is left and that holds up a victory, you should seek to kill them.
5. You are allowed to KOS.
6. You are also technically allowed to shoot cuffed members, however remember that it may not be beneficial to your team.
7. Have fun!

Discord Invite (Click Me)

Contact me at: noobguy57#5757

914 Config:
Items are not required to be dropped.
UNUSED CURRENTLY: Coarse has a 50% chance to teleport you anywhere in the facility (with a 50hp reduction to your health).
D-Class Spawn:
UNUSED CURRENTLY: Low chance to spawn with a coin (can be upgraded to janitor in 914 on Fine) or with a janitor card.