<margin=25%>Any requests go here: Discord or send me a message directly, my tag is bigf_elisspcbigc_atushashtag1912.
Server is running on slightly modified spawns and other settings, a lot of which are written in the rules section on the Discord.

1. No cheating or otherwise obvious exploiting.
2. Don't intentionally teamkill.
3. Try to escort prisoners out instead of killing at sight if possible, if they try to escape (or use weaponry) you're free to fire.
4. No spam. Pregame lobby you can do your soundboards, and you can play mostly whatever on the PA (anything but, and I quote the rules for any public server: "any data broadcasted using in-game features (eg. broadcasts, CASSIE) must not contain anything racist, discriminating, any personal data, and/or anything illegal.") also don't earrape or continiously play something loud while in game.
5. Have fun and let others have fun, aka don't ultra tryhard and for example camp outside SCP914 the entire time until decontamination.

If the server isn't running, and you would like to play with its specific rules send a Discord message tagging me and I'll hopefully be available to get it running rather quickly.