Welcome to the circus before you join please read the rules:
1-Kos is allowed don't report people for it!
2-No holding up the round.
3-Don't report people for false accusation's you will suffer the consequence of the thing you reported them for.
4-No Harassment of any kind this means no influencing people to harm themselves or just generally being a bad person towards someone.
5-No Racism or Homophobia or Perm ban (Any slurs at all are not tolerated this also includes music).
6-All teaming is allowed as long as it does not violate rule 2)
7-Every Sunday all rules except number 3, 4, 5, 9, and 11 are gone and FF is on - (admins are also allowed to abuse.)
8-Don't impersonate staff.
9-We have a age restriction of 13 or higher anyone lower will get banned(if we have probable cause you are underage you will get banned.)
10-No mic spam that's annoying in spectator.
11-No hacking.
12-If you wouldn't say it in court, then don't say it here! Common sense.
13-The most important rule is to have fun!
If you want to join the discord then <color=#800080ff>Click here!