<size=130%>Welcome to The Crit-Zone!


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1: No racial slurs.
2: No CD KOS.
3: No hacking/exploiting!
4: No team killing unless the person is deliberately killing others or is using hacks.
5: No loop holing the rules.
6: Moderator's and Admin's have the final say.
7: No offensive language or harassment.
8: No Mic spam in Spectator, Radio, Intercom, SCP Chat.
9: Don't delay rounds more than necessary.
10: No cross teaming. (Chaos teaming with SCP's is an exception)
11: Class-D/Scientist KOS is allowed, unless they surrender. (False surrender is not allowed)
12: Do not give surrendered people unreasonable commands. Example: 'Jump of this ledge or I shoot you'.
13: We do not allow toxicity, please be respectful to everyone!
14: Do not delay rounds/events more than necessary.
15: Please use common sense.