<b>Nut Inc. Events

Join the Discord! discord.gg/nut <size=10><-- Clickable Link

This is the official Nut Inc EVENTS server! Same general rules apply with the exception of gameplay related rules.

Current Event: <color=red>CS:GO

How to play (also use '.info' ingame):
This gamemode is based around the game CS:GO and has very similar characteristics.
There are two bomb sites, MicroHID and Servers. The Terrorists (CI) must either plant the bomb (Chaos Keycard) by dropping it in one of these locations or eliminate all of the counter-terrorists (NTF)
One terrorist will spawn with the bomb. To plant the bomb (Chaos Keycard) you drop it at a bomb location and wait for it to plant. It will say when it is planted.
To diffuse the bomb the counter-terrorists must find it and pick it up once, there will be a diffuse time. Picking it up multiple times resets the diffuse time.
In order to buy weapons you type '.buy' in your player console (`). It will show a list of available weapons for purchase and the cost which you can buy by typing '.buy (Item #)'

Server Rules:

1a. No mic spam, soundboard is okay just don't play annoying/earrape stuff.

1b. If you are using a soundboard ONLY use it in proximity chat. <color=#a3a3a3>(No use in SCP, Spectator, or Radio Chat)

2. Don't be racist. (This includes use of ANY racial slurs)

3. REMOVED (Not applicable to events server.)

4. NO CLOSING DOORS ON TEAMMATES. NO EXCEPTIONS! (Repeat offenders will be temporarily banned)

5. Respect staff. They have final say.

6. REMOVED (Not applicable to events server.)

7. REMOVED (Not applicable to events server.)

8. Don't Ghost, Cheat, Exploit, Delay Rounds, etc. (Standard common sense stuff)

9. Do not kill yourself if you are a class you don't like.