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Rules are as follows.
1. Do not teamkill unless it falls under these reasons
1a. They have shut the door on you on purpose at least 3 times.
1b. They have randomly teamkilled another person in the last 15 seconds
1c. They or an admin gave you permission
2 .Do not kill compliant/surrendering or cuffed Class D
2a. This does not apply to chaos > scientists
2b. If the CD possesses a gun or bomb and doesn't drop it this rule does not apply
2c. If the cuffed CD is running away this rule does not apply
3. Do not mic-spam music in global channels (Radio/intercom)
3a. If a admin asks you to stop, stop.
4.Teaming is only allowed between these teams and if it does not delay the round.
4a. SCP may team with anyone but Guard/MTF
4b. Scientists may team with D class
5. Do not camp/hide/team if it delays the round
5a. If you are stuck, an admin must let you out after 1 minute
6. (For my admins only) Do not admin abuse unless owner permits it admin abuse falls under:
6a. Giving items to yourself or other players without a good reason (Item glitched through floor, etc.)
6b. Changing your class to Chaos or MTF as an low power role
6c. Setting off nuke/decontamination instantly and/or spamming it
6d. Spamming Cassie Noises
6e. This rule does not apply if you are hosting some sort of event and you broadcast the fact you are doing so.
7. Do not exploit/glitch to help you or anyone, must i say more?