[AU] <b>Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Server

[1] Do not provide information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage (meta-gaming).
[2] Harassment, racism, sexism, and toxic behaviour won’t be tolerated.
[3] Do not use exploitations to your advantage. This includes the use of portals in elevators as 106, and fall damage exploits.
[4] Purposely camping that leads to rounds being delayed will get you slain.
[5] Do not advertise without permission from a manager to do so.
Twitch and YouTube links in your name are allowed.</color>
[6] Any form of cheats/hacks will get you banned permanently.
[7] We accept micspamming in proximity provided it is at an appropriate volume. Micspam external to proximity chat must remain inexcessive and not be loud; this includes spectator chat, SCP chat, radio chat and intermission.
[8] Targeted teamkilling or intentionally avoiding the auto punishment system will not be tolerated. Targeted teamkilling consists of targeting a specific player or killing an escape class such as Class-D or Scientist. Players with a high number of teamkills or teamkill bans may be issued long-term punishments.

Server Features
[-] Teamkilled players will receive a message on the top of their screens which can be used for reporting excessive/targeted teamkilling.
[-] All SCPs will be notified when a fellow SCP disconnects from the server.
[-] SCP-079 will be notified via a broadcast when a generator is being activated.
[-] SCP-049-2 will regain 75HP upon killing a target.
[-] Multiple exit locations for escaping 106s dimension.
[-] Disarmed Class-D and Scientists that escape will change to the opposite team.
[-] AFK players will be kicked after a few minutes of inactivity.
[-] Increased stamina regeneration speed by 20%.
[-] Classes have a small chance to spawn with an extra item, e.g Janitor Card as Class-D.
[-] Custom loadouts and default ammo for NTF and Chaos.
[-] A respawn timer and the amount of spawn tickets will display shortly before a respawn.
[-] The auto nuke will be enabled 20 minutes into the game.
[-] Custom stats plugin which tracks your kills, deaths, escapes, and fastest escape time.
[-] The leaderboard for all time best stats can be found pinned in our Discord.

This server is operated by the Pantheon Community, join our Discord here. Through our discord you can:
- Report players directly through our ModMail system and receive fast support from staff.
- Submit your suggestions on what should be added/changed/removed within the server.
- Become more involved with the Australian community of SCP:SL.
- Support the server through donations to receive a Donator tag and reserved slot.