[AU] <b>Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Server

[1] Do not provide information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage (meta-gaming).
[2] Harassment, racism, and toxic behaviour won’t be tolerated.
[3] Purposely camping that leads to rounds being delayed will get you slain.
[4] Do not advertise without permission from manager to do so.
- Twitch and YouTube links in your name are allowed.

[5] Cheating or using game exploits will get you banned from all Pantheon servers.
[6] We accept mic-spamming, however it should not be loud or excessive. Avoid doing so in spectator chat, SCP chat and intermission.
[7] Extreme team killing statistics can result in harsher punishments.

Need to report someone? Want clarification on rules, or to be kept up-to-date on server changes? Perhaps you would like to leave a suggestion for us. Interested in the donator tag or just want to get involved with the wider community? You can do so by checking out our discord here.