Wise's Secret Lab


A cosy SCP:SL Community that has a few plugins and stuff but is mostly vanilla!

Discord: https://discord.gg/SrMd7w7mgP


Rule 1: Hacking will result in an immediate permanent ban with a game ban issued by official SCP:SL staff to follow.

Rule 2: Harassment, toxic behavior, and hate speech towards other players is strictly prohibited. Racism and phobic slurs will result in an immediate three (3) day ban. This applies regardless of the player’s ethnicity and personal background.
- Even in jest, pedophiliac comments will be met with an immediate permanent ban.

Rule 3: Staff manipulation of the game must be approved by an O-5 member beforehand. Neglecting this rule will risk a demotion or outright removal from the staff team.

Rule 4: Cross-teaming is only allowed across classes with mutual win conditions. If the round can not end with both parties alive, then it is not allowed for said parties to team.

Rule 5: Camping in any area for an extended period of time is prohibited. This especially applies to speed-running to the surface as a Facility Guard at the start of the game with no intention of returning to the facility until MTF units arrive.

Rule 6: Server disruptions, such as microphone abuse, is frowned upon. While we actively discourage such behavior, players will only be reprimanded if their disruptions become extreme in nature.

Rule 7: Terminating D-Class on sight is not allowed. The only exception to this rule is any one of the following being true:
- The D-Class is resisting being disarmed multiple times
- The D-Class disobeys your command
- The D-class is being escorted by SCPs (not being chased by)
- The D-Class has a firearm equipped. All D-Class in the area can be terminated in this event.
- Chaos Insurgency has entered the facility

Rule 8: Using a different program to communicate with other players who you should not be able to talk to in-game is not allowed. This also applies to using the Discord server logs to gain an advantage while in-game.

Rule 9: Attempted reprimand evasion will result in a temporary and extended ban.