Hello! Welcome to the SiteFunnyArea Modded Server!
This is a modifed version of SiteFunnyArea of course and has lots of changes with it!
- Subclasses
- 914 Changes
- Serpents Hand
- Few SCP Changes

Before you play on the server please read the following rules!
1. No cheating or exploiting (Yes we still have to remind people sadly.)
2. No slurs or any offensive behaviors (Racism, Homophobic comments/insults, Slurs, Any other offensive stuff will not be tolerated and will result in a mute or a ban.)
3. No toxicity or bullying. (Please, it's just not needed. Of course your allowed to jokingly mess around but don't go over the top.)
4. No teaming allowed. (MTF/SCPs, Chaos/MTF.) Only Chaos Insurgency and Serpents Hand are allowed to team with the SCPs. Class D and Scientists or any other class cannot team with SCPs. (Unless SCP is trapped and deals are made.)
5. No camping spawns (No sitting at escape point for Class D and Scientists, No waiting for MTF/Chaos/SH to spawn and kill.)
6. No extreme mic spam. (No making loud noises or playing music in spectator chat. Yes that stuff is allowed in game when alive. If you get annoyed just mute them.)
9. No shooting/killing detained or complying personnel (Unless you disarmed them then you have say on their life.)
Otherwise that's all the main rules. Please use common sense when playing. If your about to do or say something and you know it's stupid then use common sense if it would be allowed or liked in a server.

Thank you for reading the rules and introduction! If you want more info on custom classes or modded related stuff read below!

And if you like it here join our discord! https://discord.gg/2u8ZSk9dCr It's a chill place to vibe with others.

Class D
- Chad (Can pry open doors holding E while holding nothing.)
- Janitor
- D-9341 (Spawn as Chaos Insurgent at the start)
- Major Scientist
- Weapons Containment Expert
Facility Guards
- Senior Guard
- Lieutenant Guard
- Rapid Response Team
- Junior Guard
Mobile Task Force
- Nine Tailed Fox Commander
- Nine Tailed Fox Sniper
- Hammer Down Lieutenant
- Hammer Down Cadet
- Nine Tailed Fox Medic
- Nine Tailed Fox Hunter
- Nine Tailed Fox Demoman
- Containment Engineer
Chaos Insurgency
- Chaos Insurgency Commanding Officer
- Chaos Exterminator
- Chaos Brute
- Chaos Hacker
- Chaos Shotgunner
SCP Changes
- SCP 966 (Sleep killer that is invisible but has low HP. Is slower than other SCPs.)
- SCP 049 (More HP and Heal Aura)
- SCP 106 (Stalk)
- SCP 096 (420 AHP start off)
- SCP 173 (HP on kill)
- SCP 939-53/89 (Faster and stronger)

SCP 914 Changes
Wonder to yourself why you have a quarter? Well maybe throw it in the grinder, you may just get a janitor card.. or a card that only the council shall know about?
Wonder what happens when you throw yourself in there? I don't know, you should try it! What could go wrong..?

Serpents Hand
There is a chance that 6 Serpents Hand can spawn. Change though is there gun is now an MP7 instead of a Project 90 in other servers. (At the moment subclasses for them are being worked on or will be attempted.)

Quick binding tip! When you load in and you get a class. Be sure to do .schelp in your private console by hitting ` and it will show your class. If there is any commands here is an example on what to do!
cmdbind [your bind] .revive